God was in the Midst of the City

There’s a tiny little verse tucked into Psalm 46 that says, “God was in the midst of the city.” As we traveled the city of Arusha today we sensed this in countless ways.

Our goal for the day was to find some new ministry partners, inquire about ways that we might work together, and investigate purchasing the hospital beds, IV poles, and bedside stands that many of you have provided funds for.

Our first stop was to exchange some of our US dollars for Tanzanian schillings, and pick up Internet cards so we could communicate with you. This time around we also picked up a local cell phone for an unbelievably low price. I am now the proud owner of a Nokia 105 and am refreshing my T9 texting skills. It’s already been priceless in helping us connect with our local partners.

Our next stop was a pharmacy storefront that sells medical supplies. We were able to get a helpful look at what the hospital beds and other supplies will look like. Pictured below: Our team outside of the pharmacy – Erika Dornfeld (friend of Bob & Sue’s daughter, Kat), Paula Craigo, Gaspar Kitange, and Bob & Sue Jenkins.


After lunch we sat down to meet with the folks from Mission for Essential Medical Supplies (MEMS). Originally formed as an outreach of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania (ELCT), MEMS partners with a variety of faith based organizations to provide hospitals with medical supplies. We’re very hopeful that we might be able to work together with them. Pictured below: Mr. Orgemes Lema (left) and the staff of MEMS.


Next up on our list we visited the good people of Lutheran Mission Cooperation (LMC). LMC is an organization that helps churches from Europe and America with the financial transfers that help us work with our Tanzanian partners.

Finally (after a good nap, that is), we joined Pastor John Lunn for dinner. Pastor Lunn is under call with the ELCA and directs healthcare volunteers in Tanzania, Liberia, and India. Our conversations were incredibly helpful, and the local Ethiopian restaurant he recommended was fantastic.  Pictured below: Pastor Lunn shares his experiences and expertise with our team over dinner.


Yes, God was in the midst of the city today. Tomorrow we will leave Arusha early in the morning to travel to Nkungi Village. Usiku mwema. Good night from Tanzania.

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