Open Eyes and Ears

I woke up tired this morning, felt a million miles away from home, and was pretty sure I didn’t have the energy I was going to need for the day. As I slogged down the dusty path toward the hospital I secretly wished I was anywhere but facing the beginning of another long day in Tanzania. My heart was torn between two places. As the day went on I slowly realized that God was placing before me a day filled with beautiful and sacred moments.

It all began at the chapel service this morning. My heart was heavy, yet as the nursing students and hospital staff began to sing their voices bounced off the walls and created a sound so powerful I was moved to tears.

We continued through our morning and were given a full tour of the hospital grounds. It was amazing to see how the nursing school has made so much progress. The second year students are now helping the hospital staff as they participate in practicums, and their skills lab is filled with wonderful teaching tools (including one of the manikins that we sent who they have named Bob!).

One of the highlights of the day came when we encountered all the expectant and new mothers in the OB wards. We were welcomed into one hospital room to see an infant that had been born just minutes earlier. Across the hall we visited a room filled with at least four mothers and their newborn babies. They welcomed us to take photos of them. If our internet connection was stronger I would upload a dozen photos of the most beautiful babies you have ever seen.

newborn mom and baby

As I saw each of these babies my heart was filled with gratitude for all our Sunday School students and their families that came to church on a snowy Sunday morning earlier this month so that they could assemble newborn kits. Each kit is filled with necessary supplies needed by new moms to care for their babies.

newborn kit 1newborn kit 2

Thank you, Zumbro kids and parents! The latest report we’ve heard is that the hospital is delivering about 70 babies each month … and they were out of newborn kits. God used your hands that morning to help new moms and babies like this one.

new mom

As if all that wasn’t enough to make my heart smile, when we walked into the village this evening I found myself drawn into a game of soccer with my new friends. Oh how I wish I could have recorded their giggles!


Of course there was more to the day than I can possibly include in a single post, but by the end of this evening I was reminded that when we open our eyes and ears to the people around us, we just might be surprised by the moments God gives us each day. May you encounter God in your moments today.

Amani  (peace),

Pastor Lisa

One thought on “Open Eyes and Ears

  1. Connie Ness February 17, 2015 / 6:16 pm

    Your story and pictures are beautiful. Blessings! May you be encouraged at end comforted by all you see.


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