A Photo Journey Through Our Wednesday

Our days at Iambi begin with chapel at 7:30am. Today I was the preacher, though the most powerful part was serving communion with Pastor Amani. It’s amazing to be connected through the same meal with Christians around the globe, and with all of you back home.


After chapel and breakfast we met with Dr. Frances, the new doctor in charge at Iambi. It was good to hear his hopes for the hospital and to begin to understand what he sees as the greatest needs for Iambi. We look forward to continuing our partnership with him and the Iambi staff in the future.


A trip to Iambi isn’t complete without the basket ladies! We’re all adding to our collection throughout the week.


We never seem to go hungry. Today we had lunch with the staff of the nursing school. Our meals are good and typically consist of rice, potatoes, pasta, chicken, red sauce, and bananas.


This afternoon we delivered some of our supplies to the central supply room. They were so pleased to receive the newborn kits and the extra bed sheets we had in storage at church from a variety of mission projects.


Our evening ended with dinner down the road at the retired pastor’s home. Pastor Msengi and Christalumba were such gracious guests as they welcomed us into their home. Hospitality is a specialty in Tanzania, and it is wonderful to foster friendships through return visits.


-Pastor Lisa

One thought on “A Photo Journey Through Our Wednesday

  1. dianafink63yahoocom January 24, 2019 / 4:38 pm

    I am so thankful for all of you who travel to help and partner with these wonderful people. May God richly bless you and them.


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