Day 6 – #RiseUpELCA High School Youth Gathering in Detroit

Proclaim Justice Day with Freedom Hope: Keep It 100!
Proclaim Community Day in Cobo Center
Evening Mass Gathering Stage at Ford FieldimageWe woke up today with feelings of anticipation, sadness & excitement!  We were shuttled down to Ford Field very early to get in place to do a reprise of our Mass Cast dance at the end of the morning worship. We anticipated the experience of worshipping, communing & dancing with 30,000 people. We were sad to leave Detroit after serving in Hope Village yesterday & leaving so many new friends. Yet, we are all so excited to come home to our family & friends. After a good night’s rest in our own beds, we will wake up with a renewed sense of yhow big & transformational our ELCA church is. It is a viewpoint that we will want to share with others, especially those we will see around Zumbro Lutheran Church in the days & weeks to come. We invite you to ask us questions so we can share our stories of yet, another, mind- blowing ELCA Youth Gathering trip!!!  Thank you to everyone that made this trip possible for us!                                                         Watch out Houston-                            Zumbro is coming in 2018!!                   Adult leaders: Kris Oppegard & Jenni Horman.                                                      High School youth:  Jonah Amundsen, Dana Brandt, Ann Holmes, Sara Holmes, Emma Horman, Nell Knutson, Katy Larson,  Ahymad Lee, Sydney Lenz, Julianne O’Reilly, Samantha Perrotti, Zachary Stortz, Arianna Swenson & Emily Tripp.

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