Reflections from team – Example

Hi!  At Youth Works we get divided into project groups and our group is called – Example.   The group members include: Jack K, Jake S, Derek B, Sydney L, Gracie G, Mary W, Megan L, and Mia H. Today we went to Milwaukee Rescue Mission (MRM).  MRM opened in 1893 and has reached out with compassion to the poor, hungry, and homeless of Milwaukee.  We started the day with a video and tour of the facility.  We discovered that MRM provides food and shelter to more than 300 men, women, and children.  It was striking to see the three different stages of housing (emergency, new journey, and focus).  All stages of housing provide support and guidance, but the latter two are longer term housing options that provide employment, education, and guidance opportunities at MRM.  After the tour we prepared lunch for the staff and guests of MRM.  We served over 250 hamburgers meals in less than an hour in two different shifts.  The first shift was for women, children, and staff.  It was inspiring to witness how the moms put the needs of their children before their own needs.  The second shift was for the men.  A highlight during the men’s meal was signing happy birthday to Walter on his 61st birthday.  As a thanks for our hard work, the staff invited us to grab a meal we prepared and eat with them!  After lunch we went to the basement level of the building where the store is located.  People often arrive at MRM with only the clothes on their back.  This store gives them an opportunity to pick out additional clothing and household items.  It was amazing to see how many donations were given by the community.  Every available space was packed with items.  The girls were excited to help a young pregnant woman shop for clothing.  We also re-stocked and organized clothes, purses, shoes, and socks.  The boys quickly learned that socks come in several different sizes!

Mary W and Gracie G dishing up cups of soup.

We had quite an assembly line going for serving meals to the men.

Megan L, Sydney L, and Gracie G ready to serve lunch.

Jack K, Derek B, Jake S, and Jason J on clean-up crew.

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