Life Changers

Tuesday night’s activity was called Life Changers.  It was founded by an energetic man named Raymond.  His idea was to create a panelist/talk show forum about people’s life stories and testaments.  We met four young adults; Maria, Glen, Adrian, and Lindsey.  Each shared the story of their lives.  Even though they grew up in the inner city, their early lives were not very different than what our youth might be experiencing.  As they grew into their teen years, each felt a void in their lives.  To fill that void they turned to alcohol, drugs, gangs, or fell into depression.  Through different means they all found Christ at their lowest points.  By focusing on Christ they were able to overcome addictions/depression.  Now Christ fills the voids in their life.  The overall message from last night was that no matter your background choose Christ to lead your lives.  When you are filled with Christ you do not need to turn to alcohol, drugs, gangs, etc.

Glen, one of the panelist, was a former gang member and now a minister/gospel rapper.

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