Tuesday’s Reflections

Celia and Catherine’s Milwaukee adventures.

The day started out with an early morning, with some waffles, then we headed to the club room to devote our time to God through citizenship, which means everyone is an assistant to God, even the ones who don’t show it. Then our wonderful group “free” headed off to the Family House. The Family House is an organization founded by a woman in the Milwaukee area, she believed that everyone deserves a place to live, and a safe place that casts a positive influence on those who need it the most. At the Family House Celia stained their large deck that spanned three houses.  While Celia was staining the deck, Catherine worked with the kids at the park that are extremely attention seeking, but they are the ones who really need it the most, even if your back hurts after giving so many piggyback rides. After the morning session we moved on to lunch and since we had an hour and half we decided to take a nice nap outside where it was quiet and peaceful. Soon after our nap session we moved down to the basement of the Family House to play bingo with all the kids, when we got down there we noticed they were goofing around and thought it was just normal. Soon we found out they were supposed to be cleaning rather than goofing around, and their punishment was to squat. Yes it sounds crazy to do squats for a punishment but push ups are a privilege, most complained but they are getting great butt muscles. So shout out to our parents for not making us squat for twenty minutes for a punishment. Bingo was fun! 🙂

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