Wednesday’s Reflections

Hi from Nick S, Matt B, Dylan M!  We are part of team WICKED.  Our day started by going to the Scott Christian Youth Center (SCYC).  It is a community run building that serves food and clothing to the underprivileged of Milwaukee.   At the SCYC we served rice, beans, sausage, and muffins for breakfast.  This combination of food may seem odd for breakfast, but the pantry relies solely on donations and traditional breakfast foods are not often donated.  The guest didn’t seem to mind, they were just happy to get a nutritious meal.  After breakfast we helped load bread onto tables for people to take home.  Then we helped organize the building.  In the afternoon, we went to the nursing home and helped organize a game of bingo.  The residents really seemed to like playing with us.  Nick helped Winifred and they were only one space away from winning the blackout game!  Dylan had fun with Lucy cutting out paper horses and listening to her fun stories.  When we return to Rochester we hope that we can continue to help people in the same way.

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