Thursday’s Reflections

We are in the “BOLD” group; we include Ashley S., Hannah P., Linda S., Rena H. and also 2 boys and a pastor from Michigan. This week we got to encounter lots of different things. We got to meet people of many different ages. This week we went to Village at Manors Park, which is a  nursing home, then we went to St. Ann’s Center, which is a all generation daycare. At Village Manor, all the residents were glad to see us giving up time of our summer to help them at their home. We all enjoyed transporting the residents to and from their daily activities. We met this one resident that really stuck out to all of us. He never frowned, he always had a smile on his face. He has the spirit of a young boy. At St. Ann’s, we were all split up. Ashley and Hannah worked with  the babies. They saw the spirit of God in the babies and the staff. Rena worked with the 8-12 year old’s. She met a young girl that had Downs-syndrome. The young girl ran and gave Rena a big hug the minute she saw her. Rena saw God in the young girl. Truth is God is always showing himself in and through other people. We are heading back home Friday morning with changed hearts and new perspectives of the world. God also works in you; we were sent to be his servers. That indeed we are! See you soon!!! 🙂

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