A Hospital Tour

Each year we begin our time at the hospital with a tour of the facility. As we walk through each of the buildings we are able to see any new additions, along with the continual challenges the hospital staff faces. Here are some of our observations from this year.

New beds! The beds and mattresses that were provided by so many of you have arrived. They look wonderful. The mattresses and the curtains are being kept in storage so that they don’t get dusty while not being used.


Notice the new tile.


Paula and George consult with the anesthetist, Hillary.


Unfortunately the beds throughout the rest of the hospital are in very poor condition. One new thing I learned from Marge is that the bed pictured here (and many others) came from Samaritan Bethany, another one of our mission partners.


Some great news: the nursing school has obtained 8 computers! This is important because without these they were at risk of losing their status as a nursing school.


Principal Ulumbi is so happy.


Thanks for following our journey. This morning we had an important meeting. This afternoon some of us will be going out on hospice visits with Joyce (she visited Zumbro in May 2014), while others will be teaching the pharmacy staff about the supplies we delivered.
Pastor Lisa

2 thoughts on “A Hospital Tour

  1. Rev. Manase Elias Msengi March 8, 2016 / 12:43 pm

    Thanks very much for your consideration of Iambi Lutheran hospital. Be blessed all from Zumbro Lutheran Church.


  2. Dan Van Dyke March 8, 2016 / 3:33 pm

    The new tile floor looks very nice, and functional. So many on-going needs!


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