Welcomed With Open Arms

As we come to the ending of another night on this mission trip I feel blessed to have finally made it to Denver, Colorado. What was seemingly an easy drive from North Platte, Nebraska turned into a 5 hour drive with a…strange detour to say the least. As I rode in the van (between naps) I was able to reflect on the amazing hospitality we were given in North Platte. From popcorn to a potluck we were welcomed as one of them. Perhaps the best part was the free ice cream coupons they gave us before we embarked on the last leg of our travels. 

In Denver we have been welcomed by 4 great YouthWorks leaders and are looking forward to a week of service focused on the love Jesus gave us first. 

This is my request to any readers: as you move forward in your life don’t turn away travelers but instead open them with open arms. This seemingly small gesture may be the only thing that gets them to their next destination. 

As we embark on our first day of service please remember to keep us in your prayers and thoughts. 

Ella Napton

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