Day 4- Food Bank of the Rockies

Today my group spent our second day at the Food Bank of the Rockies. The Food Bank of the Rockies distributes in Denver and the areas surrounding. Not only do they distribute to soup kitchens and pantries, they also have programs for kids during the summer and for individual families who are struggling. Both days we were at the main warehouse which is more than 108,000 square feet. (I actually almost got lost a couple of times.) The location is actually one of the farthest of all of the youth works sites. 

Today was a bit of a rough start because we thought we were going to go to another Food Bank location but we were really going back to the same one. That took us a bit of time so we ending up being a little late for our site. In the morning, we worked in a different part of the warehouse. There we packaged up food that was donated and put labels on them. After lunch, we did something else which was packaging up food that they have bought with donations. Both jobs were really fun because it was a fast moving assembly line and everyone was working together.

After dinner tonight, for our evening activity, we got to go to one of the sites Youthworks has been working at and listen to the story of David Clifton. David was homeless for a little while and prayed to God that if he helped him out of this situation he would help others that are experiencing the same thing. He now leads a facility that feeds and clothes hundreds of people with different stories and backgrounds. I thought it was really amazing how he created it all from scratch and with complete volunteer work.  Today will be just one of the many days I can serve through God. I know this week will continue to be a great week. 

God bless. Julianne O’Reilly

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