Why would you ever choose to be a youth trip chaperone?!?

Zumbro has a long history of having some pretty fantastic adult trip chaperones. But have you ever wondered why in the world busy adults would choose to spend a week of their summer sleeping on classroom floors, driving noisy vans, and serving in the blazing hot sun? Here’s what this year’s middle school chaperones have to say…

Linda Sanders with her son Nick

My childhood was great–my mom and dad loved and supported me and my six siblings but we often didn’t have funds for the extra things. As a youth, my church would participate in church camp every summer. We would spend the year raising funds and then experience a week of God’s love and renewed connections. When my children got old enough to begin mission trips at Zumbro, I knew I wanted them to experience something similar. I love to help coordinate our fundraising events and when I chaperone I get to watch the kids I’ve come to know experience seeing the world from a different perspective. I tend to stay in the background and watch their conversations and introspections. My children are blessed with knowing where their next meal will come from and where they will sleep tonight. I want them to grow up understanding that not everyone is as fortunate as the other and that compassion and love can change one person’s world. Zumbro, the ministry staff, other chaperones, Youthworks staff, and the kids they meet on the trip all provide a connection to God’s love that they and I take with us to serve in our every day life. -Linda


Jason Jadin with his nephew Ben

I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I volunteered to chaperone a mission trip. I was apprehensive because I had never gone on a mission trip. My wife thought I would be a good leader and enjoy the trip. I’m glad I listened to her – she was right! I had such a great time working with the youth of our church I immediately volunteered to do it again next year. Now in my fourth year as an adult leader, this trip has taken on a special significance. My nephew Ben, from WI, has joined me on this trip. The Zumbro youth have completely welcomed him into this group. It is amazing to see God working in and through the youth. Their service, humor, compassion, and love for God is an inspiration to me. I look forward to participating in many more trips. -Jason


Ann Leland with her daughter Megan

Why do I go on mission trips with my children??? I get asked this question all the time….why don’t I use my precious summer vacation time to go somewhere “for fun”?? The simple answer is…mission trips are as much for me as they are for my children! And…they ARE FUN!! God gave me children and entrusted me to bring them up to be gracious and wonderful human beings. This I promised during their baptism! Also as a member of Zumbro I have made the same promise during the baptism of many of the kids on the trip. Finally, I need to be constantly reminded that my life is a gift from God for which I need to be grateful! The theme this year at Youthworks is “First Love” to remind all of us that he first loved us!! -Ann


Pastor Lisa with her son Jack

I love mission trips! No one is surprised to hear that. It’s part of my job to lead them. But why do I love going on these trips … especially with youth? Because it is amazing to see youth and adult leader’s eyes opened up to the work God is up to in the world. Because the trips are filled with incredible moments of faith formation. Because people of all ages step outside of their comfort zones. And because faith grows hands and feet and becomes real for our kids. But this year there’s another reason I’m loving this experience. This year I’m also sharing these experiences with my oldest son (it’s not, by the way, Jack’s first youth mission trip; just the first time he’s allowed his mother to come with). I wish every parent could take advantage of this opportunity. To watch your son or daughter interact with peers, live out faith, and learn about the world around us can’t be matched. Embarrassing him and pushing him around on a 2 wheeler is just a bonus. 🙂

Parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, caring adults … Maybe God is nudging you to come along on a mission trip someday. Don’t ignore the push. It’s an opportunity you won’t regret! –Pastor Lisa

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