An Experience of a Lifetime

Hello from the Rocky Mountains!

This week has been life changing and today was not an exception. For the past few days my group was working with Brothers Redevelopment to repaint the houses of those who needed it. I met a woman named Sharon who was amazing. She was very generous and treated the group to pizza and cinnamon knots. When she saw the house at the end of the day, the look on her face melted everyone’s hearts. I later learned that she had been reading a bible verse for her bible study. It turns out that it was about the restoration of the ancients ruins and she believed that we were the visual and proof of God’s work in the world.

Today my group worked at the Food Bank of the Rockies. We met some amazing people who were there to do missionary work as well. We spent the day laughing and talking. We worked so hard and packed 693 boxes of food, or nearly 21,000 pounds. 

My group decided that it would be nice to have a little fun. So, we convinced Sue to add a little pink to her newly bleached hair. As you will be able to see in the photo below, we added a streak of pink to add “pizazz.” (Don’t worry. It’s temporary.)

At the end of the day, Youthworks took us to Rocky Mountain Lookout. It was amazing to see the work of God as the sunset across the mountains. We had an amazing experience connecting with God and his work. My group was lucky enough to really bond on this trip. We consider each other family. So here is the first official Jenkins Family Photo. 🙂 

Back row: Jonah Amundsen, Sue Jenkins, Bob Jenkins, Zachary Stortz

Front row: Maggie Walls, Emily Tripp, Anna Schornack, Katie Nasser

This trip has been amazing and I’m so glad it isn’t over yet.

Anna Schornack

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