The Indy Drivers

This is the Drivers (Ashley, Jeremy, Rena, Hannah, Ahjany, and Linda) with our friends from North Dakota (Pastor Austin, Maddie, CeCe, Jolee, and Hunter).

We were able to experience God’s love on Sunday when we were welcomed to our Indy site. That extended into Monday when we went to Gleaner’s which is a food warrhouse that distributes food to Indiana food pantries. Our efforts were able to feed over 4,350 people. Charlie, our guide and trainer, is so invested in taking care of those in need that we wanted him to be proud of us. Tuesday we went to Wheeler Women’s Shelter where we cleaned the playroom, organized a storage closet and swept floors. We then came back to our church and weeded the forest that is next to the parking lot as well as organized and cleaned in the basement. Today we were able to clean the Wheeler Men’s Homeless Shelter and help serve the lunch meal. This afternoon we cleaned and organized old pews in the church basement. They were the original pews that date back to the 1920s. We experienced God’s love in all of these experiences because everyone we met was highly dedicated to their job and the mission of serving and helping. We are thankful to the YW staff, the service organizations who welcome us, and most importantly the Zumbro family that helps support our ability to share God’s love.

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