The Indy Fuelers

Hi! We are team Fuelers (Marcus, Ethan, Daniel Nick, Ben, Matt, Jason from Zumbro and our friends Allen, Alec, Hope, Amaya, Leah, and Shelly from Illinois). We have been hard at work at Meridian nursing home, Wheeler thrift store, and Gleaners food warehouse. At the nursing home we experienced the love of God through the people there. One of which was experienced by our friend Alec who was able to share and feel the love of God while helping a man named Steve who had hurt his hand. At Wheeler thrift we experienced how hard the path for serving God can be and how easy it is to move away from that. At the thrift store we packed around 12 palette boxes of Brick-n-brack (ask a youth member for details of what Brick-n-brack is). As well, we were able to bale clothes which are being sent to third world countries. A few also restocked shelves in the store. After a fun Christian rap concert and a good nights rest we woke up early to prepare breakfast. We called ourselves the ‘breakfast league’ because we introduced the food by being super hero characters. Then we went out to Gleaners food warehouse where we scanned and sorted food for the hungry of central Indianapolis. We scanned 6009 pounds of food during our shift. 4507 pounds was usable, meaning we fed 3005 people. We have experienced lots of positive experiences and God’s love while working at service sites.

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