The Indy Lappers

Hello there,

I’m going to tell you about my fantastic week so far.

Sunday: The whole group enjoyed a warm, long nine hour trip. Arriving a little late to Our Youthworks site, we ate dinner, played a few games, and learned about Indianapolis and our site.

Monday: After waking up, having devotion and breakfast, we headed to our work sites. My group, Lisa’s Lappers, was assigned to Westminster, a food pantry and learning center. Our group weeded gardens, sorted out produce (moldy or edible), double bagged bags, made salads, and did much more. In the evening, all the Youthworks participants participated in a scavenger hunt around downtown Indianapolis.

Tuesday: Day 2 of work sites. On this bright and early Tuesday morning a group was awakened for breakfast prep. It was Lisa’s Lappers. Our group had breakfast prep, so we arose early to help make waffles, sausage, and create the lunch table. After breakfast and devotion, the Lappers were assigned to a new site, Gleaners. Gleaners is a food bank that packages and provides food for others and other organizations. At Gleaners we met this man Charlie, who taught us our jobs which was to scan in food items from different areas. I will say, Charlie took his job seriously and you could see how much he enjoyed helping others. It made our lives happier and made more of a comfortable environment. 

At the end of the day, we had another evening activity, the Kingdom Way Central Rappers.

The men who were there told us about their story and how God helped lead them on a path to where they are today. Now about the rapping, in the words of every other youth participant, “it was lit.”

P.S: Ahjany’s singing was amazing.

Wednesday/ Today: Today our Lappers group was able to sleep in just a bit more than Tuesday, for we were not on breakfast prep. We were however on breakfast cleanup, so after breakfast we helped clean up and pack up all the breakfast and lunch tables. Anyway, today we again went somewhere different, a place called Fletcher’s which is a community center that has a thrift store, school rooms, and a food pantry. We started our volunteer day out with weeding their community garden. After lunch and taking a quick stop to get some slushees our group went back and helped pack food bags and sort through clothing.

After a long day of hard work, we had a nice community dinner, getting to know neighbors and church members.

Overall, this week has been a week of helping others with the support of God.
-Ella S

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