The Indy Racers

It’s been a week. Some might say it was fun, others interesting, tiring, sweaty. I’ll say that it was all of the above. We arrived on Sunday (late, of course) and were greeted by a lovely dinner and some equally lovely people. The Youthworks staff then proceeded to lead us in some introductions and some run-of-the-mill group games. Afterwards we worshipped through song and prayer, and while the other churches held discussions about their day and the worship, we Zumbro members unloaded our van (because we didn’t have time to do it before. Because we were late).

On Monday, we went to Fletcher House, a local community center. There, we weeded in an unshaded garden for a couple hours, and then went down to their basement to sort through clothes donations. (These clothes would later be put in the upstairs thrift store.) The next day, we went back to Fletcher House and sorted more clothes. We also might have walked down to the gas station for slushies.

Wednesday we switched it up a little and went to another food pantry/thrift store/soup kitchen called Westminister. We got to go through a lady’s clothes donation of five bags and take the inventory. Then, we got to actually go into the thrift store to organize the shelves and make them look better then they did before. (I think we may have had a little too much fun with that part). Afterwards, we came back to Woodruff Baptist and had a cookout with some of the local community members.

All in all, it’s been a great week. I’ve learned a lot about God’s work through us and shared laughs with many people. I’m very grateful to have this experience. 

-Mia S.

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