Find Someone to Serve

by Kirsten Lincoln, Zumbro member

Sitting in the pew last Sunday, I was afraid–deeply afraid that the different sides of various issues of safety, immigration, and our country’s political role in the world are so divisive that we will be unable to heal and move forward as a country. But the steps Pastor Vern offered during last week’s sermon were like a lifeline thrown to me as I sat there, drowning in anxiety. Listen. Find someone to serve. Read what Jesus did in the Bible. Pastor Vern’s steps are far more than a lifeline. They are a way forward that I think all Christians, regardless of our political leanings or belief on moral issues, can agree on.

img_1585I want to lift up Open Table and Community Food Response as two ways you can “find someone to serve.” Food is a basic necessity for all of us. Open Table happens every Thursday. Volunteers are needed in the Zumbro kitchen beginning at 2pm, followed by a variety of volunteer shifts throughout the evening. Come and chop veggies, roll a burrito, hand out food from the food truck, or help with cleanup in the kitchen.

Community Food Response (CFR) is another way to serve once a month at Bethel Lutheran Church. A wide variety of ages can help put groceries in a bag or hand out milk. CFR is going through an expansion as they seek to reach out to a community in need near Gage Elementary School. Now is the time, more than ever, for Zumbro to stand in support of this much-needed agency.

There are two ways to get involved:

  1. Stop by the Find Someone to Serve table outside the Lounge.
  2. Let us know you’re interested by Open Table or CFR leaving a comment below or emailing

Thank you!


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