Prayers for our Iambi Partnership

Jambo! In just over an hour I will board the plane and begin my adventure to Tanzania. Members of our team will be arriving in three different shifts throughout the week. We will spend our time with friends in Arusha, visit Arusha Lutheran Medical Center, and meet with organizations central to our partnership with Iambi Hospital. On Saturday morning, Feb. 11, our entire team of eleven will make our way in the land rover to Nkungi village, home of Iambi Hospital.

We look forward to sharing many stories on this blog throughout the next several weeks. Please use these photos as a guide and pray for Zumbro’s partnership with Iambi Lutheran Hospital. Your support is invaluable.

~Pastor Lisa

Every time we return to Iambi we journey with specific goals in mind, but the ultimate goal is always that we strengthen our relationship with the hospital. Pray that our relationship will grow, and that through all of our conversations we will share the hope of Jesus with one another.
mapThe team will travel 18 hours by plane and 8 hours by land rover in order to get to Iambi Hospital. Pray for safe travels and rest for the weary.
teachersLast year the hospital invited our group to return and offer education for the staff. Pray for wise teachers, willing learners, and that language and cultural barriers might be transcended.
computersTechnology experts from Zumbro will be helping the hospital staff set up a computer network. Pray that the solutions we discover together will be useful for the staff and improve the level of care provided at Iambi.
babyWe will meet with medical supply distributers to purchase supplies with the funds raised during our “Helping Iambi Deliver” campaign. Pray that the supplies will help the staff deliver quality, compassionate care to their patients.


2017 Team:  Brenda Brown Kennedy, Paula Craigo, Bob & Sue Jenkins, Pastor Lisa Kipp, Gaspar Kitange, Ann Leland, Mike & Julie Neumann, Roger & Brenda Wichmann

One thought on “Prayers for our Iambi Partnership

  1. JAN VETTER February 10, 2017 / 8:44 pm

    glad all are together in TZ and that travels are safe. Nice to see Bashiri ! Thinking about your travel to Iambi and the experiences along the way. God bless each and every one of you as your mission of relationships and education continues.


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