Thank You

Dear friends,

Earlier this week I went on an impromptu tour of the hospital with some visiting guests. As I walked into a patient room in the new hospital building I was overcome with emotion. There were patients resting on beautiful beds. Their family members sat next to them in nice, clean chairs. There were beautifully made green and white curtains hanging on the windows. Each patient had a bedside locker in which to tuck away their possessions. The tile floor had just been mopped. The doctors were proud to visit their patients. This was the building that Zumbro raised funds for a couple years ago. 

Next I toured the OB Department. The beds were torn. The bedside lockers were broken and filthy. The mothers sitting beside their daughters and new grandchildren were on the floor. The laboring mothers delivered on beds that were unsafe. The nurses struggled to have the proper instruments. This is the department that Zumbro recently raised over $30,000 to furnish with new supplies and furnishings. Soon we will place the order for these supplies. 

Most of you will never have the opportunity to see these buildings with your own eyes. Please hear me — the ways you have supported Iambi with your prayers and financial gifts is making an incredible difference in the lives of real people. Patients are being treated with dignity. New moms will soon welcome their babies into the world in a safer and cleaner environment. New grandmas will be able to sit in a chair beside their daughters and help care for the newborns. 

Simply saying “thank you” hardly seems sufficient. God has worked through you — through us together — to reach out with compassion in tangible, life-changing ways. You are a blessing to the world. Thanks be to God. 
-Pastor Lisa

One thought on “Thank You

  1. Francis Mwasanga February 16, 2017 / 3:35 pm

    Thanks for thr help.


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