Off the Beaten Path

Yesterday several of us went out into the villages surrounding the hospital to visit some of the patients seen by Iambi’s palliative care department. The scenery along the drive was absolutely beautiful. 

We were quite literally off the beaten path. In order to get to one of the patient’s homes, we had to park the Land Rover and navigate through a small path amidst the corn field. 

Both of the patients we visited were suffering from late stage cancer. It was absolutely heart breaking to see the development of their cancer without access to the kinds of treatment available to us in the U.S. These people were in such pain. At each visit the palliative care nurse consulted with her patient and his/her family. Zumbro member (and nurse practitioner) Ann Leland specializes in wound care. Together she consulted with the palliative care nurse. Watching Ann care for the patients through the language barrier was one of the most beautiful moments of compassion I have witnessed. 

At the end of each visit I prayed for the patients and families, and offered a blessing. The moments felt holy and sacred. 

We are so grateful for the staff of Iambi and the many ways they care for so many in the surrounding villages. 

One thought on “Off the Beaten Path

  1. Dan February 17, 2017 / 3:28 am

    That was a very touching note today – You travelers are a true blessing.


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