Painting with a view

Crew #1 enjoyed a work day at our housing site, the YWAM camp in Montego Bay. The crew had a few thoughts to share about the day. 

Annika Gustafson & Celia Napton share “we met a Jamaican man named Michael, an American woman named Anika and a Puerto Rican, Michael. Michael gave us guinap and coconuts. Guinap is a fruit that is slimy, but the taste and size compares to a grape. While we painted bookshelves, Michael talked to us about the Jamaican government and we compare it to ours. We got to paint by a beautiful view with mango trees and the ocean in a distance. Our entire hands were covered in oil-based paint by the time we were done, but thankfully David, one of the Jamaican work leaders, gave us oil-based paint cleaner. We encountered lizards, grasshoppers, and many spiders while painting. The finished bookcases will be filled with books for the community literary center.”

       Catherine Winter, Elise Oppegard, Nicole Gathman, Andrew Cramer, Garrett Leland and Daniel Parney shared “that it was a hot day but where we painted had a million dollar view. A lot of painting projects were completed listening to country music. Over lunch, we’ve enjoyed monster curls, fresh coconut and guinap fruit, which is native to Jamaica. There are 50 coconut trees on the YWAM camp 13 acre property. Finally, Catherine remembered the Jesus is with us by painting a cross on Elise’s forehead in oil-based paint.” 






God is good all the time. All the time God is good. The adult leaders that survived the day with this crew were Jeff Leland, Beth Napton and Kris Oppegard. 

p.s. Hello from paradise. Today one of the groups visited Westhaven. A home for disabled people from age 6+ years. Most in our group had their first experience plucking chickens. The home has been turned into a working farm and today was chicken processing day. We harvested 40+ chickens. Our role was to pluck feathers. Amazed at how every one at least helped with one chicken. Marcus, Ethan, Janette, and Anna are experts.

We also helped with feeding, entertaining and painting. Also, there should be no more excuses about not being able to help out with laundry at home as everyone pitched in to clean mounds of laundry.
Everyone is doing great,


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