Another day of serving in paradise 

Today (Saturday) all the groups had an abbreviated day of doing God’s work. The rest of the day was spent enjoying each other’s company by the pool or just lounging around in the heat. In the afternoon the adults crashed into the Adirondack chairs on the veranda looking out over the crystal blue water.

Our group worked around the YWAM campus. The toll of the work week was evident but we were still able to apply about 5 gallons of paint while dodging hornets. Marcus, Sydney, and Nick created a paint roller brigade to reach some hard to paint spots behind the bushes. Megan was focused and did a great job applying the finial coat of paint. Ethan finished up the week as he has been doing every day, hanging out on the ladder. Mia, Maggie, Emily, Ella and Anna spent the morning pruning thorn ridden bushes. Janette was “in the zone” mowing 45 degree angle hills. All in all everyone did a great job. The amount of work can be summed up by the fact that Marcus and Ethan each had 3 PB&J sandwiches for lunch.

Kris, Beth and Jeff’s group spent time painting the kitchen in one of the local churches, followed by playing football (soccer) with the boys from Clifton boy’s home. Andrew was designated as the fast runner from the group during the foot races, but we all know what country Bolt originates from. This group was able to experience more local cuisine, the Juici Patty. Shhh…..we won’t tell Samantha. She really wants to try one!!

The third group returned to Westhaven today. They finished up some loose end painting jobs, loads of laundry, and helped with the children. The highlight was the dance party on the Gazebo. 

It has been a great week directing God’s energy and talent into great looking finished projects in the end. The people down here are very appreciative of the work we put in this week. Our kids (and adults!!) are exhausted but feel really good about what has been accomplished. Last night Kris reminded us in our devotions that our strength comes from the Lord. Many of us drew pretty heavily on that strength today.  

God is good and we look forward to worshiping tomorrow morning at Faith church and hearing Pastor Douglas preach. He has been one of our drivers this week and has kept us safe on these crazy Jamaican roads! We will be bringing some of the children from Westhaven with us to church. To hear Pastor Douglas’ message and worship together will be amazing!
So grateful for your support and prayers. 

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