From Hallelujah to the waves of the ocean

Our day in Jamaica started off hot and sunny, just the way it should be in Jamaica. The Zumbro crew loaded up the vans to go to worship at Faith Chapel in Copse, Jamaica. But first, we stopped at Westhaven Children’s Home.  We fed the children and helped get some of them ready to go to worship with us. The 1/4 mile walk to church was filled with laughter -and carrying some wheelchairs- on such a beautiful morning in Jamaica. Worship was filled with friendly people, an amazing preacher, Pastor Douglas, and music that raised the roof. 

After saying good-bye to our Westhaven friends, we headed down the mountain to Montego Bay to load our catamaran. Together, they took us around the bay to embrace the full beauty of the coast and its beaches. The best part of our catamaran trip was the time we spent in the ocean snorkeling near the boat. From schools of fish to ‘brain-looking’ coral formations, it’s a memory that will last a long time for our Zumbro group. God is good, all the time. All the time, God is good. 

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