A Bridge for Reconciliation


The new Lutheran Center in Juba would have never happened if churches like Zumbro didn’t first welcome South Sudanese refugees to worship with them. Their faith compelled them to help their families and friends back home, and their stories of survival and hope inspired congregations, synods, and the churchwide staff in Chicago to partner together to bring hope to the people of Juba. Over five thousand people celebrated the opening of Reconciliation Lutheran Church, Community Center, and Clinic. Children wandered the open corridors, women gathered around the clinic thankful for a safe, clean space to deliver babies, and receive primary care for them and their children. Youth choirs sang and danced in the streets with hands lifted in praise to God for all that is happening there. In this space, people from all tribes will gather as community and be a visible sign to the rest of South Sudan that peace and reconciliation is possible.

Thank you, Zumbro for being part of building bridges of understanding and peace with and in the South Sudanese community. Thank you for providing me this amazing opportunity to represent you in the global church. Continue to hold our brothers and sisters in your prayers. Together, God is working in Christ’s church to do amazing things.

One thought on “A Bridge for Reconciliation

  1. Pat Campbell November 17, 2017 / 4:02 pm

    LOVE the band and all your other wonderful photos; hope that they are being shared with as many folks. Paradox: I am PROUD yet also humbled to be part of ZLC’s ongoing welcome to the Dinka. Thank you, Jason, for all your hard work and perseverance and enthusiasm over the years that the Dinka have been with us. I think that we should feel the same as perhaps the early disciples when they learned of a new mission started after their beginnings with the Master.

    Safe travels on your return!

    Pat C.


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