Love Was in the Air

One of the great joys of being a pastor is the opportunity to walk alongside families for the major moments in their lives. As we celebrate Valentine’s Day this month, we will spotlight four of the weddings we were delighted to be a part of in 2017. We hope you’ll enjoy! Perhaps you’ll even remember watching four of these brides grow up at Zumbro. -Pastor Lisa Kipp

Kat Jenkins & Sam Lauer

daughter of Sue & Bob Jenkins

For many years the concrete baptismal font situated in the middle of Zumbro’s center aisle has been a stumbling block for wedding couples. Do both walk to one side? Or do they split apart and walk on either side of it? After navigating with several couples, Pastor Vern came up with a solution – integrate the font into the wedding ceremony.

As the couple makes their way to the front, the pastor gathers them first at the baptismal font. We remind the couple that long before their wedding day, God made promises to them at the baptismal font – promises of love, commitment, forgiveness, and companionship. As they make those promises to one another, we remind them that God will continue to go with them and guide them. And just as their parents were present at the font and first made promises to God and their child, we invite them to gather again together around the water. It’s become an incredibly meaningful part of the marriage ceremony in our sanctuary.

Kat and Sam gather with their families around the baptismal font for a special family blessing. (photo by Sweet Shibui Photography)

Father of the bride, Bob, shares, “The blessing around the font was my favorite part of the service.” Sue added, “The brief ceremony around the baptismal font with the groom’s parents acknowledged that our lives (meaning the parents’ lives) are also forever changed by the wedding. It seemed fitting that we celebrate this around the baptismal font where we gave Kat to God.”

Holding the wedding in Zumbro’s sanctuary was important for the Jenkins family. (photo by Sweet Shibui Photography)

Having the wedding in Zumbro’s sanctuary was important to Bob. “Zumbro has been a part of our family for thirty-five years. With Kat and Sam’s wedding being in the sanctuary, that relationship is even more deep and meaningful. Our ministry of reconciliation has deep meaning for me. I love that picture of Kat and Sam before those words.”

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