Thank you, Zumbro

Yesterday several of us went out on a few palliative care visits with Nurse Martina Axwesso. Martina and her colleagues care for many patients out in the surrounding villages of the hospital. At one stop we met Asia, who is over 100-years-old. Asia kept us laughing with her wit and wisdom.

Everyday her family assists her as she gets her exercise by walking around their home. Her walker? This red, plastic chair.

As we visited I shared with Martina that the hospital has many walkers that have been hanging unused in central supply. Most of these walkers came over in the shipment Zumbro sent several years ago.

Today we returned to visit Asia and gave her one of the walkers. With a little help she stood up, and then scooted along the front porch all by herself.

Thank you, Zumbro, for supplying Iambi Hospital with such needed medical equipment. Your giving reaches out with compassion to patients like Asia, who couldn’t bless or kiss our hands with enough gratitude!

Pastor Lisa

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