Tim the Toolman

I had the most wonderful time working with Makala Samuel. We turned out to be kindred spirits. We both appreciate Makita tools and have a love of the mechanical workings of all things large and small. Makala is the maintenance person for the hospital, but is well known even by the dispensaries. “Who you gonna call? Makala!”

We worked so well together, though Makala knew very good English, we knew exactly what each was thinking nearly every step of the way as we worked. We accomplished nearly everything we wanted, and in some ways more.  We installed a power stabilizer to regulate consistent power to the X-ray room, laboratory and film processor/darkroom.

We ran the power lines, installed the necessary outlets and switches, and added the “trunken” (square conduit) for additional components of the X-ray system. I wish I could be there when the system is installed to help train personnel on how to best use the system, as well as how to achieve the best image quality possible with what they are receiving. So exciting!!!!

I wish all the best and to those involved with the next step, and they will be in my prayers for having good, consistent power as they bring the x-ray system on-line.

Thanks for all your support!

Tim Daly

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