The Blessings of Rocky Boy


Left to Right: Paul Julsrud, Jennie Wilson, Pat Julsrud, Tim Melin, Pastor Vern Christopherson, Sharryn Melin

The Zumbro team has finished their week and work at Rocky Boy. Some are now off hiking in the mountains while others have returned safely home. Enjoy the following reflection from Zumbro member Sharryn Melin. Thank you, Team Zumbro, for sharing the hope of Jesus with our friends at Rocky Boy!

Oh, the joy and blessings of Rocky Boy! The mountains, sky, trees and fresh air; all of God’s gifts and more.
We three gals laughed our way through several tasks: scraping and painting two separate walkways, stairs and church entrances; fixing meals; carrying dozens of dried paint cans to a dumpster; and weeding the vegetable gardens. Jennie actually made a simple weed killer to spray around the outside of the raised garden beds. It took all three of us taking turns spraying to get through the weeds.  We also learned so much about life in this area from a beader named Rose and her son, Mark.  She also taught us how to bead and sew a pouch to hold a small treasure.
The men built a marvelous new, safer staircase in the Mission House. They worked together to plan, cut lumber, and put it together—perfectly!
One evening we hiked up a rather long hill to worship God and give thanks for all we receive. Worship was led by the two seminarians that are also here.
God’s grace and love led us each day; our hearts are full.
God’s blessings to all and love in Christ.

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