Real Day 3!!/ High School Mission Trip 2021

Today was our second service day! We woke up early and ate lots of pop tarts. Very yummy.

We headed back to Roy’s house to finish the insulation. It was pink and fluffy and saw many mice friends (We’ll let you think about dead or alive). One was named Ron. We also cut up some plastic to finish up the insulation which was really good for tanning while we cut it up. We looked really cute chasing it through the field when it blew away. Some of us discovered that we are super good at being human paperweights.

After we were done with that adventure, we said bye to Roy 😦 and headed back to camp. Kevin made the pool nice for us and blew up the very floaty raft toys. We floated around then dined on a gourmet dinner of burgers and hot dogs. After we chowed down, Kevin shared his testimonial which included a lot of life lessons on what matters in life and what doesn’t. Then we balled on the basketball court and returned to the snake-free (hopefully) camp for a bonfire. The experienced boy scouts created a great fire and we enjoyed some fantastic s’mores. We chatted and sang by the fire and had a great night. We are all looking forward to another great day!

Written by Malia Talwalkar, Laney Limburg, Max Parney, and Natalie Drake

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