Middle School Mission Trip-We’re HERE!

All 16 of us arrived to Camp House in Brimson, MN on Sunday evening after a day of traveling and adventures in Duluth. We have Camp House all to ourselves (and are being welcomed well by their staff-3 adult humans, 1 dog named Izze and 3 chickens).

The group is loving the water front boats, lake to swim in, fat tire bikes, and canteen treats and mech. The stars are amazing, the cabins are cozy and we’re spending each night around the campfire thinking about what it means that Jesus is the light of the world.

We have had two good days serving our local neighbors on the North Shore. Monday was spent serving Two Harbors family services (especially our most isolated elderly neighbors-chalked sidewalks, cards with jokes, and some helpful office work to support the staff). Today, Tuesday, we spent the day harvesting veggies on an organic farm (that helps to provide healthy food to the local food shelves) and doing some trail maintenance (with really big sharp tools-don’t worry everyone came back with all their fingers and toes).

Thank you Zumbro family and friends for your support and love of our kids and for making these trips and experiences possible-it is such a joy to see our kids enjoy God’s beautiful creation.

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