In case you haven’t yet heard the BIG news, we (Zumbro) have taken an important step in our continued journey to be God’s hands and feet in this world. Because of your continued generosity and commitment to the gospel, both inside and outside of the walls of our church, the position of Director of Mission held by Sarah Lichty has been made a full-time position. CONGRATS to Sarah and THANK YOU ZUMBRO for making this possible!

Yep…there is that much work to do in our community and beyond! The increased hours will be filled with a combination of Zumbro’s increased presence among Rochester community groups dealing with realities such as homelessness, hunger, etc., additional staff assistance and presence with our ministries supporting our Mission Partners and other mission and outreach-based ministries, and finally the research and writing of grants that can support all of this important work. Again…thank you for your generosity and please reach out and congratulate Sarah…I think she likes coffee 😉–Pastor Rob

Message from Director of Mission Sarah Lichty: “Thank you Zumbro!! I am thrilled to be expanding my role. I look forward to continuing to live into what it means to be a downtown church, by connecting more closely with our community, identifying the needs of our neighbors, going deeper with our current mission partners, and serving as a resource of love, support, and welcome for our community. I know you to be a committed, generous, and passionate people devoted to living out Christ’s love in the world. I am excited to get to work.”