Let There Be Peace

We heard from Dinka Lay Evangelist Kamen Makuer that Rumbek Peace Initiative has reached an agreement!

kamen 3

Kamen and 18 other Dinka leaders in the United States have been in South Sudan’s capital, Juba, since June 18 meeting with lawyers and politicians advocating for community laws with the intended goal to finalize a peace manifesto. Read more here.

On June 25, Kamen posted an update to his Facebook profile:
kamen 1

“I led the team that went to Malek Agook on Friday, June 24, 2016 to meet with Rup section about peace process, and they accepted cease fire for three months to allow peace negotiations!

kamen 6

Today, I led another team that went to Ayen cattle camp to meet Pakam section, and they willingly allowed me to carry one of the guns as a promise that they are willing and ready for the disarmament if central and local governments assure their protection.

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kamen 5

In Ayen cattle camp, there are no schools for children, neither clinic nor church! The only school for all is guns school. Children over 10 years can draw a gun in the floor, but cannot write A B C. Women and young girls were caring guns instead of umbrellas during traditional dancing (Kec ruai).

kamen 2

We talked to them about the importance of peace. They are tired of war. They need peace, reconciliation, and rehabilitation. They need schools, they need clinics, and someone to teach them about JESUS. They are learners. I taught them a Gospel song for 30 minutes and they learned it quick. May God bless our efforts to bring their lives back to normal.”

According to Kamen on Tuesday, June 28, “Gelwongs from Rup, Kuei, and Pakam sections has accepted peace today during direct peace negotiations talks that includes sons and daughters from diaspora, and Western Lakes State intellectuals both national and local governments. Final resolutions will be sign tomorrow in Rumbek Freedom Square at the present of all Western Lakes citizens.”