Jambo from Nkungi Village!

Bob and I are so impressed by the changes and progress at the hospital. We learned that someone from the bishop’s office at the Central Diocese was coming to the hospital Tuesday and that the hospital was having a board meeting. I must really be a grown up, because I was excited and hoped to attend. In fact, four of us were able to listen to the meeting – conducted in Swahili – but numbers are universal. We will have lots to share!  Just one now – the hospital had over 750 deliveries in 2014!

Bob presented the lab with a new binocular microscope which will make their work easier and better. He said, “They’re really happy campers!”

Another highlight was seeing the curtains go up in the infectious disease building. Erika and Paula  worked with George and Wilson to hang them today. Bwana asifewe! Praise The Lord! When we showed Dr. Francis the photo of Maggie Bartels and explained the work of the women at Zumbro, it brought tears to his eyes to know that people of Zumbro had such love for a people and place they’d never met. 

Pictured below: (1) Maggie Bartels led the curtain project; (2) Many Zumbro women helped cut, sew and iron the curtains this fall; (3) Paula and Erika assemble the curtains for hanging; (4) Sue and Dr. Frances admire how wonderful they look! 





We continue to renew old friendships and make new ones – we had special conversations with Moosa and Joshua today.

We look forward to new opportunities. African wildlife in the form of mice, bats, and (what was that!?!) adds thrills and chills. We were also awed by the loudest thunderclap we’d ever heard. But right now, I hear only Lisa’s computer tapping and crickets.

Mungu akubariki. God bless you.
Sue Jenkins

One thought on “Jambo from Nkungi Village!

  1. Dan February 20, 2015 / 2:03 am

    Oh, gosh, I was looking in the wrong place for your Tanzania blog, but happy to find you tonight. I forwarded the link to Anne, Hutton & Patty. What wonderful things God is doing through your hands and hearts. Bless you all. Dan


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